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Who we are. 

We are a neurodivergent-led and neurodivergent-affirming practice that incorporates brain-based and sensory-based integration to support individuals and their families to determine coping strategies for their lifestyles. We are proud to be affiliated with while we navigate the Audit for NDIS registration.

Choosing Harmony is autist-run, using brain-based and sensory-based strategies and interventions to help our clients listen to their bodies and promote their authentic selves and identity. We do not use coercion, compliance, de-sensitization, extinction, or reward-based strategies, and we do not use any applied behaviour analysis in any way. Choosing Harmony's team of neurodivergent clinicians prioritises Actually Autistic voices.

We follow and use the Collaborative and Pro-Active Solutions (CPS) strategy (Dr. Ross Greene) to include children in the problem-solving process.

We follow the Child Engagement Model by Greg Santucci (OT) which focuses on establishing trust as a first step, then focusing on how a person regulates themselves. Even with adults, we use this same model, so please excuse the word ‘child’ if the person we are supporting and providing services to, is an adult. 

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The language we use.

  • Choosing Harmony actively avoids using terms such as ‘behaviour’, ‘positive behaviour’, ‘specialist behaviour’, and ‘functional behaviour assessment’, and accepts the negative neural connections these terms have with many autistic individuals as a result of their use in conjunction with harmful models.

  • The only time we use these terms and the peripheral language is when it’s part of the VIC or Australian NDIS rules, framework, and/or legislation (e.g., Positive Behaviour Support Plan, or role of Specialist Behaviour Practitioner).

  • We will use the NDIS-compliant language in all reports and plans unless directed otherwise by participants and/or their families/stakeholders.

  • We often refer to our NDIS registered Specialist Behaviour Practitioners as “Acceptance, Autonomy, and Authenticity Practitioners” or “AAA Practitioners” as helping our participants live with acceptance, autonomy, and authenticity is what we work towards with all participants. Despite our deviation from the standard Vic and Australian language, our AAA Practitioners are registered with the NDIS as Specialist Behaviour Practitioners. Having a practitioner registration number and meeting all NDIS-related registration requirements.

  • Choosing Harmony has completed stage 1 of the NIDS Audit process for registration and is proud to be affiliated with Instinct Au as a registered NDIS provider. have completed and successfully passed the audit and can provide service in most NDIS registration categories.

We support 


From diagnosis to understanding how to navigate the universe, while gaining fresh insight and understanding of self.  Challenging how one has been viewed and chooses self growth with kindness and compassion.  Everything leads to Interoceptive awareness, of self first and then you can consider others.

Online Consultation

Support workers

Real-time information and support to ensure the quality of care is consistent and always in a way that recognises a person's unique and individual needs.

Group Discussion

Support Coordinators

A lack of understanding of the NDIS process and how to access the appropriate support for the people they empower can be frustrating. We provide the assessments and the relevant necessary information to ensure we can support our families with what is reasonable and necessary. 

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